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Cycling in Amsterdam
The sweet spots for cycling in Amsterdam are around the central canal ring and through Vondel Park. But the sweetest
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Amsterdam: we’re here, but should we have come?
If you don’t know me in real life, then our sudden location shift to Amsterdam may have seemed like quite
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Amsterdam from the water
A brief pause to acknowledge the rather long, rather unintentional blog break that happened over here. We moved to Amsterdam
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Street racing scooters and hot sauce holsters in Bergamo
Bergamo was, I thought, an airport city. A Luton, a Venezia Mestre. A destination only for its links to other,
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How to buy take out coffee in Italy
Italy's take out coffee: espresso on a tray delivered by a man in a white coat A photo posted by
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Shopping in Rovereto
Surreptitious browsing in my favourite Rovereto store. Something of a joke among our friends here is that this area is
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Rovereto bomb days
One of the more dramatic events of 2015 was the discovery of a rather large (?) bomb in Rovereto. Though we
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